Financial Horizons Credit Union

Pennies Count!

A penny saved is a penny earned - Benjamin Franklin

In 1996, Financial Horizons Credit Union created our Pennies Count Fund to help the school projects in Mineral County. We have since enhanced the program to help with community projects as well as continued support for the school. With our expansion to Yerington, Fallon and Winnemucca, we have expanded the Pennies Count Program to their communities.

Each community has their own fund; therefore when donations are made at your branch, all contributions remain in that community to support a wide array of projects.

The Pennies Count Fund began with members donating the “cents” from either cashing a check or a recurring direct deposit. Twenty years later and the Pennies Count Fund is a staple of everyday activities; with fund raisers held at each of our offices, which are distributed at our Annual Meeting each year in April. You can see members browsing our “Pennies Count Book Sales” in our Hawthorne and Yerington offices, which have been very successful. All of our offices have held bake sales, occasional raffles and other events throughout the year.

Our employees pay $1.00 each Friday to the Pennies Count Fund to dress down in jeans, and this raises approximately $2392.00 annually between all of our offices. We are very pleased with our staff's commitment to provide for their communities. In all, over the past twenty years Pennies Count has donated over $45,000.00 to our communities.

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