Financial Horizons Credit Union

Board of Directors

The governing body of Financial Horizons Credit Union is the Board of Directors. Our credit union board consists of seven directors and terms of office are staggered so that an approximately equal number of directors are elected each year. Board members whose terms are expiring or future board members are nominated by a nominating committee or by other members. The nominated board members are then elected by the membership by a mail ballot. The election results are announced at the annual meeting. Following the meeting, these directors convene to elect from among themselves the Board's Officers: the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Board has the duty and responsibility to set direction and control the credit union according to the wishes of the membership and in accordance with all pertinent laws and regulations. This means that the Directors are responsible for ensuring that the credit union is being operated in a sound and prudent manner and that it is fulfilling its purposes of encouraging thrift among the members and meeting their needs for low-cost credit. To accomplish this, the Board of Directors set policies and hires the President to carry out those policies.

The Board of Directors also decides what products and services the credit union will offer to the members and approves major credit union expenditures (such as computer systems or remodeling expenses). The Board meets at least monthly to review the credit union's progress and to plan for the future. They review financial statements and evaluate the President's progress in achieving various credit union goals and objectives. The board holds a meeting with the general membership on an annual basis. The board reports to the members on the financial condition, goals and objectives met during the past year and the goals for the coming year(s).

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